Black Eagle Arrows

Black Eagle developed the best carbon shafts on the market and figured out a way to sell a premium product, at a lower cost, with no sacrifice in quality. Hardcore outdoorsmen, and target shooters, from around the world rely on our premium shafts performance.

Dan McCarthy Signature Series PS23's

The PS23 Target Arrows Possess the tightest tolerances in carbon arrow shafts available, the PS23 arrows are the perfect arrows for the highest levels of competition. They were designed by multi-time IBO & ASA champion Dan McCarthy, who poured his heart, soul and expertise into making the best target arrows possible.

X-Impact Premium Carbon Micro-Diameter Target Arrows

We constructed the X-Impact from the highest quality carbon fiber to ensure it’s the best nano diameter shaft on the market. This shaft is made of 100% High-Mod Carbon, which means it’s our lightest shaft available to date; this allows for more point weight up front, equating to better flight characteristics and long range pin-point accuracy.

Dan McCarthy PS26 Premium Signature Series Carbon Shaft

The Dan McCarthy PS26 Premium Signature series shaft was developed personally by Dan, a multi-time IBO & ASA champion. Constructed of 100% carbon and manufactured to ultra-tight tolerances, the PS26 will deliver during the most demanding real world tournament conditions. This shaft's large 26/64รข€ diameter, and this shaft's grains per inch characteristics, make the PS26 and ideal arrow for indoor and outdoor 3D competitions.

Dan McCarthy PS27 Super X Premium Signature Series

The Dan McCarthy PS27 Super X Premium Signature series 100% carbon shaft was developed personally by Dan, the 2017 and 2018 IBO Champion. This shaft was specifically designed for the highest level of indoor competition. The combination of ultra tight .001 or better straightness and ±1 gr weight tolerances make this the ideal max diameter competition arrow. The Inaugural year 2018 of the release of the PS27 and Chris Perkins wins Vegas shooting the PS27. The Grand Daddy of ALL indoor tournaments against Thousands of archers, all the best in the world, all the best equipment and the PS27 came out as the winning arrow!! Congratulation Chris Perkins on the win and thanks for all you do for Black Eagle Arrows!!

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